Instruction for Authors

Kocatepe Veterinary Journal (KVJ)has the policy with One Medicine OneHealth. Research article, reviews, brief communication and case reports, lettersto editor and book reviews are also welcome for consideration to publisharticles of high scientific and ethical standards.

The journal is published four times a year. The publication of the text andfigures is free of charge.

Acceptance of papers for the KVJ is undertaken by Editors. Editorial Board members adjudicate in the case of conflicting or adverse reports.

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration on the understanding thatthey are for publication solely in KVJ and that they neither have beenpublished nor are under consideration for publication elsewhere. Submissionalso implies that all authors have approved the paper for release and are inagreement with its content. Upon acceptance of the article by the journal, theauthor(s) will be asked to transfer the copyright of the article to thePublisher.

Each author accepts all ethical responsibility of the article and all authors agree with the content of the study. After article is checked by  Professional Plagiarism Prevention program, article will be sent to authors. Articles are checked by iThenticate® program, when plagiarism or self-plagiarism are detected, they will not be evaluated for publication.

If animals are used in the studies, study should be approved by an Ethical Committee, Name of Ethical Committee and Approved Number should be mentioned in the Material and Method section. Editor may be reject directly the article, if animal is exposed to stressful or painful conditions.

Authors accept ethical rules when article is sent for publication. Author(s) should send CopyrightTransfer Agreement, after acceptance of article.

Each author accepts all ethical responsibility of the article and allauthors agree with the content of the study.

 Article should be written using Garamond, font of 11 point, with 1.5 line spacing, margins of the A4 paper should be 2.5 cm from all edges (Word97-2010.doc). Abbreviations should be written in SI. Research article submittedto Kocatepe Veterinary Journal should be divided into the following sections:

Title page (Abstract, Key words without authors name and adress), Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, References,Tables, Graphics, Figures.

Title page: Papers should be headed with the full title, the initial letters ofname and surnames of the authors, the name and address of the institution wherethe work is carried out. The telephone number, fax number and e-mail address ofthe corresponding author should also be provided. The title should be short,specific and informative.

Abstract Should be  no more than 200words, outlining in a single paragraph.

Keywords, 5 keywords that describe the crucial points of the paper should beprovided. Keywords should be  chosen fromTurkey Science Term (

Introduction, an updated literature related to paper and aim(s) of the study shouldbe clearly given in this section.

Materials and methods, a clear account of  materialsused and methods employed should be given and it should beapplicaple/repeatable by other researhers.

Results, as concise as possible. Text, tables and figures illustrating the samedata should be limited and succinctly outline the pertinent outcomes of thestudy.

Discussion: Results of the study should be discussed with directly relevantreferences. This section may also be divided into subsections.

Conclusions: This section should state clearly the main conclusions of theresearch. Results should not be repeated.

Acknowledgements, it is adviced to acknowledge persons or institutions directly orindirectly involved in the study.


References in the text should be made as follows: Kara (2012) described. / . was reported (Zemheri 2015, Eryavuz and Yeni, Eryavuz et al. 2015). List of references should be given alphabetically in the reference list. Different publications having the same author(s) of same year should be writtenas 2011a, 2011b. Web address should be referenced as anonim for example Anonim 2015. Only official web pages should be used. Author name(s) and date sould be written bold. The reference list at the end of the paper should be written asbelow.


Ince S, Kucukkurt I, Cigerci IH, Fidan AF, Eryavuz A. The effects of dietary boric acid and borax supplementation on lipid peroxidation, antioxidant activity, and DNA damage in rats. J Trace Elem Med Biol. 2010; 24(3):161-164.

Book section: 

Juneja R, Koide SS.Molecular Biology of Reproduction, In: Reproduction in Farm Animals, Ed; HafezB, Hafez ESE, 7th Ed., LippincottWilliams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, USA. 2000; pp. 354-361.

Web page: 

Anonymous.;Accessien date: 02.01.2012.


Yeni D. Some andrological parameters and biochemical properties in relation toseason in rams. PhD thesis, Afyon Kocatepe University Health Science Institute, Afyonkarahisar,2010.

Tables: Tables should be presented in a separate page atthe end of manuscript.

Graphics: Figures should be presented in a separate page atthe end of manuscript.

Figures : Figures should be presented in a separate page atthe end of manuscript. Figures should be 80 or 160 mm, minimum 300 dpi.

Titles of tables, graphics and figures should be both Turkish and English.

Brief Communications: Briefcommunications should be consise but complete description of a limitedivestigation, which will not be included in a later publication. They shouldnot exceed 1600 words. They should bear no more than two tables or figures. AnABSTRACT should be given but no other sections. Typescripts should be clearlymarked Brief Communication.

Review Articles: Review articles related to allmedical topics are welcome for publication. They should give an update onrecent advances in a particular field and be targeted at research veterinariansor clinicians who are not necessarily working in the same field. The lengthshould not exceed 4500 words. It should have a precise abstract. Author ofreview should have at least two citations. For each issue maximum 2 reviews arepublished.

Case Reports: Reports of SINGLE or small numbers of cases willbe considered for publication in KVJ if the case(s) are particularlyunusual/rare or the report contributes materially to the literature. A casereport should not exceed 1500 words and must comprise a Summary (maximum 150words), Introduction, Case History and Discussion. The report should accomplishone of the followings:

  • To be a substantially novel presentation
  • To be a technique or treatment that wouldsubstantially alter management and prognosis of the described condition
  • The first clinical report or first case(s) ofdiseases in a particular location where epidemiology is an important factor

–        To exemplify bestpractice in medical science.

 Letters to The Editor: Letters describingcase reports or original material may be published in the KVJ and will bepeer-reviewed prior to publication. Letters making critisisms on recentlypublished papers in the KVJ will also be considered and the correspondingauthors of the original paper will be invited to respond accordingly.

All articles sent to KVJ (Kocatepe Veterinary Journal) ONLINE submition only.

During submition documentswhish are listed below, have to instal to the system;

1.    Title Page: Author and institution names

2.    Main text: Author and institution names should NOT be.Tables(s), graphic(s) and figure(s) etc. Should be an the last page of article,olso title of them both in Turkish and English.

3.    Article addition: Table(s), graphic(s) andfigure(s) should have been installed to the system separately.

4.    Author Approval Form (Cover Letter): All authorsneed to sing it and install to the system. Signatures should be wet signuturesand send to the Editorial Board of Kocatepe Veterinary Journal.

5.    Copyright: All authors need to sing it and install to thesystem. Signatures should be wet signutures and send to the Editorial Board ofKocatepe Veterinary Journal.

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